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Royce Craig
From the time he was about 10 years old, Royce worked at his father's electrical subcontracting company, Craig Electric where he learned the business from the ground up and eventually became operating manager in 1978.  Craig Electric began to branch into telephone contracting with projects that included buried cable, telephone drops, and "last-mile" business - the final step in delivering service from a communications provider to a customer.  In 1990, Royce and his wife, Kathy, established Craig Enterprises to assume the fledging telecommunications business of Craig Electric.  

Royce Craig has 20+ years experience in construction of outside telephone plant.  This includes building complete conduit systems and placing both copper and fiber cables.  He is trained and experienced in all OSHA outside safety practices.  This includes trench safety, vehicle safety, and heavy machinery safety.  He has 10+ years experience in managing large construction projects and controlling large construction budgets.